Symposium on Innovation and Development of Medical Devices and Reform of Examination, Assessment and

2019-03-02 12:03:48 source:新闻来源测试
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On March 29, 2019, "MTP Integrated Management Skills Promotion Course for Middle-level Cadres" was officially launched. More than 50 key personnel and managers from the group headquarters and various business companies attended the training. The purpose of this training is to improve the overall management level of enterprises, enhance the self-management ability of employees and team management ability, and then enhance the efficiency of work. Teacher Cui Heng, the guest professor of President class of Tsinghua University and President class of National College of Administration, was invited to give lectures.

Teacher Cui vividly explained "how to be a good manager" and "how to do a good job of thinking conversion and role positioning" from the basic cognition, mentality and accomplishment of middle-level managerial cadres. He emphasized that as the managers of various departments of an enterprise, they should first have the role recognition of coordinator, supporter, executor and leader; they should have the courage to be responsible, stop complaining, set an example and be proactive in their work; they should constantly learn in their work and be good at summarizing experience and lessons. We should constantly give full play to the advantages of team members, promote the growth of employees and the formation of leadership style, assist the superiors and communicate effectively, handle cross-departmental communication and conduct effective conflict management.